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Welcome to! I started this site  to help other people to do precisely  what I have done;  quit their corporate jobs (or any other job for that matter), and do what they love while travelling the world. Roughly 10 years ago, I started my journey into the workforce (or more affectionately called, the slave force). I began in Human Services as counselor, moved to sales, social media and PPC, switched to teaching, and also became a recruiter. Through my process of career switching which amounted in over 100 jobs,  I never found what I was looking for; freedom. It wasn't until I walked away from the salary, stopped caring about what others thought, and was prepared to sacrifice did I become the world travelling writer that I am today.

At, I am dedicated to providing with you the hard lessons that I learned in pursuit of my dreams. In addition, I have a goal to empower you spiritually and mentally to prepare you for that leap. On this site you will find travel stories, lessons, goals, hardships, etc. Though this site is written by myself as well as guest posters, it is for you! 

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